I met a bunch of other women who went through relationship hell and the only thing that saved them was the trick I’ll show you in a moment.

One of them is Lorrie Hampton - a beautiful, strong and loving soul.

Lorrie Hampton

Once she discovered her “mind toxin” and the antidote, she finally found security and courage to peacefully end her completely failed, 14-year marriage.

What’s more, for the first time in her life, she found out how to truly love herself.

This took her life to a whole new level:

  • She lost 68 pounds . . .
  • She stopped taking pain pills she’d been addicted to for 15 years.
  • She restored broken relationships with her 12 and 20-year-old daughters . . .
  • And she came back from the depths of depression stronger, happier and brighter than ever before in her life.

Then there’s Lisa Cloud. She saw a miraculous change in her husband in the very first days after she melted her “mind toxin” .

The crazy thing is, she never told her husband that she was doing it and never invited him to do it together . . . Yet he magically changed!

Lisa Cloud

Lisa Cloud

“After a few days, my partner CHANGED!”

“After a few days, my partner surprisingly came back to me CHANGED. I had never said a word about the process to my partner, but he literally came back full of the things I had focused on in the process!”

The same process helped Debbie attract a man from her past and experience a fountain of love, intimacy and soul-melting connection.

Debbie Hasler

Debbie Hasler

“It’s been a MIRACLE!”

“12 days into the Perfect Man program, a man from my past re-entered my life. I’ve never felt so seen and understood – and it’s because I never felt so safe before with expressing my true self.”

All of that and WAY more thanks to this tiny little insight that I will show you in a moment.

First, I’d like to show you how glimpsing this insight took me from the depths of depression and gave me more love, attention and completeness than ever before in my life!

My first relationship was a textbook-example of broken hope, unfulfilled dreams, and heart-crushing loneliness

I met him in high school. We fell in love. And we got married.

It was with him, I had my first kiss, first sex, first time waking up and feeling his warmth in our bed and the security of knowing he was around.

Then, you know what happened

2 happy years flashed by like lightning and everything turned upside down.

No more long walks . . . no exciting conversations . . . and I only heard “I love you” when he wanted something from me.

From the funny, sexy and caring boy I fell in love with, my husband turned into a cold, distant and emotionally absent . . . jerk.

I couldn’t believe it . . .

I was in despair

I felt so alone, so invisible and so useless . . . I spent many of my evenings crying my eyes out into my pillow, while he watched TV and didn’t care.

We spent the next years living like roommates.
Not the happy loving marriage we had.

I wanted to leave him because I knew I was losing the best years of my life . . .

But the thought of being alone froze my blood.

I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet - and provide for my son.

  • I was terrified of what my mom and dad would say . . .
  • What my friends would think of me . . .
  • What an example I’d be setting to my child . . .
  • And I feared that once I left my husband, I would be alone forever.

Somehow, after 16 years of living together, we finally got divorced.

For a brief moment, I thought I was free

I thought this was my chance to reinvent my life, find a genuine guy and finally become happy again - for good this time

Girl, was I wrong!

At first, it all looked promising.

I wasn't a teenage girl anymore and I wasn't looking for a knight on a white charger.

I just wanted a decent man who would care and love me.

And I thought I’d found him . . .

Silly me!