She spent the next 30 minutes talking about some exciting new relationship discovery she’d just made.

I could barely follow what she was saying with my cloudy confused mind at that time, but I listened anyway.

She found some guy who had been living through depression and broken relationships for 40 years - and finally found how to deal with this.

Then, he made his discovery public and helped over 150,000 people from all over the world.

Specifically, he helped thousands of women just like me and you, to completely reinvent their relationships.

His name is Brian.

At that time, he did a small, test release of the new relationship-healing process he’s been developing for the last 8 years.

My initial thought was “Yeah, right. What can a man know about relationships?”

But, my tireless friend accepted no excuses.

She said, “This might be your last chance, so stop talking and just do it! You’ll thank me later.”

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who was skeptical. But I’m soooo grateful that my friend pushed me to do it!

Have a look at what Julie says:

Julie P. Writer

“Brian’s work is totally NEXT-LEVEL!”
“I was very doubtful after trying so many things. But I heard SO many people I knew praising Brian’s work, so I took a chance. I had worked with several therapists and relationship coaches, and never got anywhere. Brian’s work is totally next-level. For the first time, I feel truly stable and balanced when it comes to men.”

Julie P. Writer

So I reached out to Brian and asked him about his process.

He said that to make it work, I need some background about him and his discoveries.


He told me. . .

He spent over 40 years researching relationships . . .

And he invested over $300,000 in his education during all these years.

He did it because just like me, he couldn’t find happiness.

Yet despite his huge self-improvement knowledge and almost religious inner work, he was still needy, jealous, clingy and insecure.

The women he dated all thought he was a jerk.

His kids ignored him. Even his closest friends often preferred to go out and grab a beer without him. 

He was alone, empty and depressed

It was incredibly painful and he did everything he could to solve his problem. Yet he never found a tool or teacher that could help.

But, he didn’t give up.

In 2013, after yet another agonizing breakup, he stopped chasing new books, courses or gurus.

He took his fate into his own hands.

He locked himself in his office. There, for days, he studied all the discoveries he made in 40 years of his research.

And finally, after dozens of hours of intensive research and thinking . . .

It all clicked in his mind

He found one key piece of information that’s been missing from virtually all the relationship books and courses . . .

And even fewer (if any!) therapists know about it!

Brian discovered that deep in our unconscious, there’s a hidden mechanism. It drives all our basic actions related to love, self-esteem and relationships in general.

Yet this mechanism is so perfectly hidden that almost no one knows about it.

And this hidden mechanism, the “mind toxin” as I like to call it, is the real root cause of most of our relationship misery.

This discovery transformed his relationships forever.

Soon after that, he found Dewi - a woman he loves and adores.

And his relationship with his 6 kids improved, too. He had never been as close with any of them as he is now.

All of this because he discovered this “mind toxin” - and found how to get rid of it for good.

Brians Family

So before we move further, let me quickly show you what this “toxin” is and how it works.

What I’m about to tell you is critical.

We’re about to discover the REAL root unhappiness . . .

Of all the frustrations - the pain and unfulfilled desires, we went through in our life.

I never heard anyone except Brian talk about it

This discovery put my life on a completely new track.

A track to happiness and unlimited joy - without the biggest obstacle that kept me from having it.

This is how profound eliminating your “mind toxin” is - and I’ve experienced it first hand.

Brian likes to call this “mind toxin” a “Spell”.

He said it reminds him of the characters from fairy tales who were under a “dark spell” that harmed them . . . even though they were not aware of it.

In a similar way, we all have harmful “Spells” in our minds - but we don’t know about them.

Sure, there are people who talk about how our unconscious mind impacts our lives . . .

But what they say isn’t even scratching the surface of Spells.

You see, Spells are like . . . 

Toxins, or poisons, that can infect the unconscious mind.

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