In today’s world, we accumulate lots of invisible toxins in our bodies. These toxins then make us feel achy, confused or tired. And we don’t know what’s going on.

In the same way, we’ve also collected “toxins” in our unconscious mind. We accumulated hundreds of harmful conclusions, blocks and suppressed emotions that we don’t want to feel.

Our minds were flooded with these poisons without us even knowing. Because most of it happened in our childhood.

Again, many people talk about how childhood traumas influence our lives. But I never heard anyone going this deep into it as Brian does.

Anyway, right now, all these toxins - or Spells as Brian calls them - can disrupt relationships.

They create an illusion of yourself and your reality.

And whenever we want to achieve something that’s not in line with your Spells and the illusions created by them . . . 

They immediately block us from achieving it!

. . . And we don’t even know that’s the case. Worse:

  • We think that either all men are jerks.
  • Or that there’s something wrong with us . . .
  • While in reality, it’s our Spells that are behind all that suffering!

They’re like the DNA code. Our height, health, the color of our hair and eyes, and so on - it’s all written in our DNA code.

So if we’re blonde and not dark-haired - it’s not our fault. It’s what’s encoded in our DNA. And it happens without our control.

In a similar way, our reactions, thoughts and emotions are encoded by our Spells.

And they dictate our experience in relation to love, self-esteem, men, relationships . . . 

All without our conscious control!

Whenever some current event triggers your Spells - they make you unconsciously react.

Always in the same way, always causing the same kind of outcome - over and over again. Until you finally remove them.

For example:

When someone compliments your great work, your Spells may push you to answer that you “just got lucky”. Because you’re programmed to unconsciously believe that you’re not worthy of such compliments.

When you receive more money, your Spells may push you to find ways to spend it all on some useless things. Or they may cause you to feel like a fraud.

When you find a guy who truly loves you, your Spells can turn you into a cold and distant person, because deep down you feel that you don’t deserve love.

Or, when you find a man you’re attracted to, your Spells can make you feel fanatical about him. They can make you clingy and insecure - because you’re unconsciously scared of becoming lonely.

These are just some general examples to show you how it works. We’re all different. We all have different Spells. And we all react differently.

But there’s one thing we all have in common . . .

It’s NOT our fault that our private life is not like we want it to be!

  • It’s not our fault that we always end up with the same type of man!
  • It’s not our fault that we constantly go through the same arguments and patterns in our marriage!
  • It’s not our fault that men lose interest and don’t cherish us!
  • It’s not because we’re stupid.
  • It’s not because we’re broken or ugly.
  • And it’s not because we’re lazy or different!

We’re 100% OK all the time! We’re unique and beautiful! And there never was anything wrong with us!

And if someone never achieved the breakthroughs in their life . . . it’s because no one told them about Spells!

When we know about Spells - it means we can dissolve them . . . and see how our relationships change.

Because they're the cause of most of our relationship issues.

And eliminating them is easier and more effortless than most people think . . .

But the change is so profound, women say it’s a miracle!

It doesn’t matter where we’re from, who we are, or what kind of issues we’re facing . . .

We can eliminate our relationship Spells by using a simple technique developed by Brian.

He calls it the Perfect Partner Process.

So I gave it a shot and what happened next, still blows the socks off my feet . . .

It seems so magical and unreal - almost like a dream.

And yet it’s changed just about everything in my life.

I practiced the Perfect Partner Process for just 5-10 minutes each day.

And each time I did, I answered 4 simple questions - and I wrote my answers down.

After just 15 days . . . 

An old friend from school had found me!

We reconnected after decades of not hearing from each other.

We began meeting, and soon, we developed some feelings.

After a few weeks, the passion grew even stronger!

The butterflies in my stomach - a feeling I felt last time 24 years ago - became alive again.

And the dark cloud of depression hanging over my head for so long was gone.

This is when I realized that this guy represents everything that I REALLY want from the man in my life.

That he reflects everything that I did during the first 15 days of practicing the simple technique Brian shared with me.

And I couldn’t believe it but . . .

This guy is MY perfect man!

Months passed, and our feelings grew stronger each time we met . . . Leading up to the point where we were cuddling on my sofa . . .

And he said those magical words I wrote at the very beginning of this page:

“Laura, I feel so safe talking about my feelings with you. I’ve never felt like that in my life! You have some magic within you!”

Oh. My. God!

I couldn’t believe it.

The Perfect Partner Process was so simple, at first, I thought it was a joke.

But now I understand why Brian spent 8 years developing it.

He wanted to make sure his process was as powerful and simple as humanly possible.

Brian said even if I only practiced for 5-10 minutes a day that would be enough. This is because the whole process works in the background on a subliminal level. You’re not even aware of it happening - until I found . . .

It works even when I sleep!

In essence, you just need to answer 4 simple questions and write down your answers.

The first two questions give us the clarity on what we REALLY want from a man. They dissolve any illusion we believed in up until now. And they replace these illusions with our true needs and feelings.

At the same time, these questions reach our unconscious mind and help us clear our relationship Spells.

Then, by answering the other two questions, we introduce some new cleansing ideas and feelings in the place of the old, stale, unwanted ones.

These fresh ideas start influencing our thoughts and actions - but that’s not all.

They also begin influencing our vibration - our energy. And by doing it, they allow the universe to mirror our new energy and . . .

Make it easier for us to achieve what we want!

The results are spectacular!

ordinary woman

I manifested MY perfect man into my life!

happy woman

Tabitha realized that she had been “settling” for much less than she wanted. She confidently and gracefully ended the relationship she had been suffering in for years. Incredibly - just two weeks later, the man of her dreams walked right into her life.

Joanne Phoenix

Joanne Phoenix found the courage to finally end her disastrous 25-year marriage. And she did it more elegantly and effortlessly than she thought possible.


Angela, after her third day using the process, said that she was able to communicate with men from a place of calm, centered confidence. And ALL of her relationships with men automatically changed pace.

Caron Prins

Caron Prins thought she already had a pretty amazing partner and relationship with him. Now their relationship built to new levels she wasn’t expecting.

The Perfect Partner Process allowed me to dissolve the biggest, most persistent and almost invisible obstacles that were holding me back from having an amazing intimate relationship.

It helped me dissolve my relationship Spells. And when I did it . . .

The heavens broke loose!