5 minutes per day is enough for it to do its magic!

Can you imagine it?

Picture yourself 1 month from now - happier, more confident and more loving in yourself than ever before in your life.

Think how you’d feel knowing that you’re 100% perfect, just as you are. That there’s nothing wrong with you.

That you’re infinitely safe to be who you are and who you want to be.

That you have unlimited happiness within you - and you no longer expect a man to make you happy.

  • Maybe your husband will surprisingly change, just as it happened for Lisa Cloud?
  • Maybe, just like Joanne Phoenix, you’ll find the courage and confidence to end a hopeless relationship?
  • Or maybe you’ll manifest that perfect man into your life just like Debbie Hasler did?

And what if you’ll start loving yourself on a whole new level . . . And that love will influence your entire life?

What if, just like Lorrie Hampton, you’ll reconnect with your kids.

What if, like her, you’ll say goodbye to the years of depression, and all sorts of addictions. 

And what if you’ll lose weight and . . .

Start shining so bright like never before!

Girl, I’ve seen it all happen with my own eyes.

Heck, I have experienced it on my own. I was drowning in the depths of misery myself - and I’m not anymore!

I know you can experience it, too!

That’s why I can’t recommend enough you getting hold of Brian’s new book and trying it.

Especially as I’ll show you in a moment . . .

How you can test it risk free!

I know that Brian wants to offer this book and the Perfect Partner Process for just $88.

And personally, I think this is a pure steal. Here’s why:

  • I used to spend $200 on a single therapy session (and I bought way too many of them!).
  • I bought courses worth all the way from $200 to $1,000 (I was so desperate!)
  • And I don’t even dare to remember how much I spent on relationship coaching (All I know is that TOO MUCH!!)

All these have two things in common.

First, they’re expensive.

Second, they didn’t work for me - not like the Perfect Partner Process did.

That’s why I couldn’t believe Brian wants to offer it for just $88.

But then . . . 

He did something even crazier

He figured he’ll make the first release way cheaper than $88.

He says it’s because this book is more needed now than ever . . . Because of the strange times we live in.

That’s why, if this page is still live . . . 

It means that you can get the Your Perfect Man book and the Perfect Partner Process for just $8.88!


That’s 90% cheaper than the initial price . . .

And over 22 times less than I used to pay for a single therapy session!

To me, this is the deal of a lifetime.

And, as I mentioned earlier . . . 

You can test this book risk free!

That’s right. Brian’s mission is to help people make a real and lasting change in their lives.

He was once in despair and couldn’t get the help he needed. That’s why he understands how tough it can be . . .

And he offers you a 180-day money-back guarantee!

Get the book, go through it and follow Brian’s guidance. If you practice regularly with the Perfect Partner Process and see no change whatsoever, you have a whole 180 days - six-months - to get a full refund.

No questions asked!

Now, I think you’ll be blown away by the power and simplicity of this book and the whole process.

It’s an amazing offer that I wish I could have taken advantage of 24 years ago.

And, just when I thought Brian couldn’t get any “crazier” than this, he came up with one more thing.

He decided to give you . . . 

A special bonus to your book!

One of the most powerful ways that help me stay calm and centered, is talking to my Inner Child.

I’m doing it whenever I feel anger, sadness or fear. This technique helps me stop reacting and stay in control of my feelings and responses . . .

And, as you know it very well, controlling our feelings is critical in relationships.

That’s why Brian gives you one of his blockbuster techniques - the Inner Child Meditation.

Listen to it whenever you want. And with each time, it will help you experience a new sense of peace and calmness.

This audio meditation is worth $88 - yet you get it for free with your book!

But wait . . . 

Here’s the second bonus!

Not long ago, Brian hosted his first-ever live Your Perfect Man program. In it, he personally helped a group of 86 women deal with all sorts of relationship troubles.

To introduce them to the program, he hosted an Orientation Session. During this session, he walked the participants through his process and answered their questions.

Many of the women said they got their money’s worth just from this single session.

Brian decided to give you a video clip from the Orientation Session in which he introduces the Perfect Partner Process and answers participants’ questions.

The recordings of this program are worth $777 . . . yet Brian gives you the video clip from the Orientation Session absolutely free, when you get his book.

And . . . there’s one more thing . . .

A Special Optional Bonus . . .

Your Perfect Man Premium Audiobook Package!

Brian loves audiobooks. And he takes the meaning of “audio” to a whole new level. His audiobooks are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

So I let him explain why - as he knows it best.

“Hi there, it's Brian. Back in the day, just like many people I know, I didn’t have enough time to read all the books I wanted.

I had partially solved this problem by getting audiobooks that I could listen to during the day.

But there was an issue with that. I was often distracted while listening. And found it hard to remember what the book was about.

This is when I found a brilliant way to solve both of these issues.

You see, I am a professional musician. I understand how different sounds influence our brain.

So I took the audiobooks I owned and added brain-stimulating sounds to them. This way I made sure my mind absorbed this new knowledge as efficiently as possible.

It worked so well . . . 

I was blown away by the results!

This simple trick allowed me to focus 100% on the audiobook even during my normal daily activities . . . and it let me absorb insights better and faster than usual.

I do this even today . . . and I did this for you, too.

First, I recorded an audio version of Your Perfect Man. Then, I added different background tracks that speed up and deepen your transformation.

As a result, I ended up with 5 different audio versions of my book that you can use at different times of the day . . . and you’ll get exactly the same results as you would by reading the book with 100% focus.

Having the audiobook version allows you to listen to Your Perfect Man even when you have no time to read. For example, when driving a car, working out, cleaning the house. Even at work or while walking your dog.

This means that especially when you’re busy and easily distracted . . . you can still achieve amazing results faster than you thought possible!

This audiobook uploads these life-changing insights into our brains . . .

Just like you upload photos to your computer. And I have even prepared a version that works when you sleep!

So it doesn’t matter how busy you are or if you have trouble concentrating.

This Premium Audiobook Package can help you absorb these amazing insights quickly and easily. Period!

And, as I’ll show you in a moment, you can get these audiobooks under some very special conditions.

Here’s what’s included in this Bonus Package:

  1. 1
    A full audiobook in a single file

    Just upload it to your device and listen to it whenever you want.
  2. 2
    A full audiobook with each chapter in a separate file

    With this, you can quickly re-listen to the chapters you liked the most. Or quickly find answers to your questions whenever you need to.
  3. 3
    The Alpha Version

    Alpha brain waves supercharge your energy and mental clarity.

    Thanks to it you’re able to master life-changing information even during a busy day with a 100% focus. In the alpha-state you’re putting your brain in a “learning mode”. So it absorbs the information faster and it stores it more easily.
  4. 4
    The Schumann Frequency Version

    Schumann Frequency is the natural frequency of Earth - using it calms you down and helps you relax. So that’s included too.

    It quickly relieves anxiety after and during your day. By helping you relax, this version makes the information reach even deeper levels of your mind.
  5. 5
    The Delta Version

    This version is perfect to listen to before you go to sleep.

    It helps you to get a deeper, more restful sleep while also gently soaking the material into your mind.

To me, adding the Premium Audiobook Package to your order is a no-brainer. Because it perfectly supplements the book.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has done anything like this before.

I’m not offering these audiobooks anywhere else - not even on my website.

This is the only place where you can get it.

If you don’t add it to your order, you will lose your chance of getting it . . . and making your transformation faster and smoother than you thought possible.

So only on this page, can you get the Premium Audiobook Package at the special price of $22 all in.

The audiobook is added to your order by default. Yet if you choose to buy the book without it, simply uncheck the box on the order page (see the instructions below). Thank you!"

Hey, it’s Laura back again. I did a quick recap of what you get when you order the book now:

  • The Your Perfect Man book that prepares you to use the Perfect Partner Process for maximum results (Value $88)
  • The Inner Child Meditation that helps you stay calm and centered no matter what happens (Value $88)
  • A video clip from the Orientation Session from Brian's live Your Perfect Man program. There’s no possibility to get this session separately, so you’d have to invest $777 to get it - but it’s added to your book for free
  • An Optional Premium Audiobook Package that is only available on this page (Value $49.95 - you get it for just $22!)
  • A special, surprise bonus that you’ll find in your book.

It all adds up to over $953 worth of life-changing insights. And if you act now and take advantage of the “First Release Offer”you can get it all for just $8.88!

Plus, you’re still protected by Brian’s 180-day money-back guarantee.

What if you don’t order it now?

Let’s see. I tried all sorts of products before I found Brian, and none of them really worked for me. So if I were to bet my own money, I’d say you’ll spend lots of cash on books or courses that have a very slim chance of changing anything in your life.

And when you do it, a few months from now, you’ll remember my story of how Brian’s technique had helped me. But then, this special offer will be probably long gone and you’ll have to invest $88 or more.

But what’s worse, you’ll lose your precious time still being sad and frustrated. This can harm your relationships even more and badly impact your health.

But what if you take advantage of this special offer and get the Your Perfect Man book now?

First of all, you lose nothing - because if you're unhappy with it, you’ll get your money back. 

And when it works - my God!

It could help youend life-long misery in private life and discover a new sense of love, connection and intimacy!

It could help you relieve depression, and find unlimited, unconditional happiness . . .

When other women did this, they either realized that their husbands changed . . . or they almost magically manifested their perfect men into their lives!

Yes, this tiny investment can have such a massive impact. I’ve seen it first hand.

It’s just $8.88 - and these techniques have changed the lives of thousands of women.

So take advantage of this “First Release Offer”, save 90% and receive over $953 worth of bonuses!

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